Kabeli Corridor Transmission Line Comes To An Operation

Kabeli Corridor Transmission Line Comes To An Operation

Aug. 6, 2019, 4:42 p.m.

After almost eleven years, the construction of 132 kV Kabeli Corridor completed and came to an operation from Monday. The transmission line is constructed to evacuate the electricity from Kabeli, Hewa and Mai Khola.

The final portion of Fidim (Thapatar)-Amarpur (Pachthar) of third phase 91 Kilometer long transmission line was charged on Monday evening with hectic supervision from NEA MD Kulman Ghising. Started from Lakhanpur of Jhapa district, the 132 kV transmission line ends in Thapatar of Pachthar as third portion.

The first and second phase of Lakhanpur (Jhapa)- Godak (Ilam) and Ilam Phidim Pachthar were completed earlier. The substation of `132-33-11 kV substation of Lakhanpur, Godak, Thapatar and Amarpur were were completed earlier.

"Despite facing several obstructions including poor performance of contractor, dispute in fight off way of Transmission line, disturbance by local people and delay in forest clearance, the project concluded successfully with regular monitoring and efforts," said MD Ghising.


He said that NEA has learned many lesson from the seek project like Kabeli Corridor visiting house to house of affected communities of right of the way. "The construction has completed due to support from elected representatives of local level, administration, security agency and project staffs," said Ghising. 'This will pave way to evacuate electricity from on-going projects even before the completion of the projects. Now promoters of the project has to complete the project in time," said MD Ghising, who himself paid visit to the project sites last year and attended several meetings.

Started in fiscal year 2006/07,the contract for the project was awarded in 2011. The project is constructed with 31 million dollar. The World Bank provided concessional loan and remaining costs was bore by Nepal government and NEA.

Project chief Dipendra Raj Dubebdi said they even use drone to sting electric wire in 2.2 kilometers due to delay in clearing the forest beneath the transmission line.

Project chief Dubedi said that the project has already informed the promoter of 9.9 Iwa River, 37.6 MW Kabeli about the completion of the transmission line. However, 14.8 MW Hewa Khola and 22.1 MW Lower Hewa Khola has already connected to the grid. In the first phase 84 MW of electricity has already connected to the grid.

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