COVID-19 Pandemic: Call For Prompt Response

The impact of pandemic has been going worse than what we assumed it earlier.

July 1, 2020, 1:36 p.m.

The ongoing global pandemic is slowly driving us all crazy. No doubt the days are passing in just a blink of an eye. There is neither an adventure here nor are there any ways to capitalize on the circumstances that have left the world stunned at one side while it has deprived millions of people to face jobless situations and starvation.

The impact of pandemic has been going worse than what we assumed it earlier. It is constantly evolving, so rapidly that its course is altering the life of living beings. Within just a few mere weeks, it feels like the entire world is riding on a bicycle in order to maintain balance because we must keep moving whatever comes in. The visible loss created by the situation is insurmountable because it is still uncertain as to when and how we shall get over with it and go back to normality.

The entire world is on the verge of going through countless trials, let's say, to get ease with the ongoing situation, it is seeking for infinite possibilities so far. Therefore, it is high time to take immediate action against the issues that are on rise due to the effect of the pandemic like the rise of poverty, unemployment, suicidal cases, class inequality and domestic violence and many more.

  1. Rise of poverty

- The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented socio- economic crisis. The pandemic has deeply hit the financial condition of especially people with lower incomes. The financial hardship is such that many families are less able to afford even basic needs, access to health care that is resulting in more risk of social problems. It especially is difficult for those who work on a daily basis to have at least two days' meals. With the shuttered business, it is even getting worse for the low income groups to handle and feed their families.

Not only that, people who have gone abroad for job seeking, they are forced to return back to their home countries because of the ongoing situation happening right now. Therefore, many people were compelled to leave their job in the middle that had nothing except to confirm a positive attitude towards the situation. According to Executive Director of UNICEF Mrs. Henrietta Force, ' the pandemic crisis is draining resources of such families adding that the depth of financial hardship has threatened to roll back years of progress in child poverty.

  1. Rise of unemployment

- The recent estimation made by the International Labor Organization on employment that nearly 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide as a result of a pandemic is something that has been proven to be true so far. If we look at the statistics of the people who are employed now and before covid19, there is a vast difference.

A total of 81% of the global workforce of 3.3 billion people have lost their jobs due to covid19. The pandemic has definitely affected the financial condition of people severely where it is affecting not just people with low incomes, but also people with high incomes which will take a few more years to cover the loss.

  1. Rise of social inequality

- Low incomes individuals are most likely to contract the corona virus and to die from it. They work in low skills jobs which pays them less. That is the reason why low income workers in jobs have become jobless. These differences in the financial status of people have the greater probability of creating the gap between the social statuses of people in the society.

Ultimately, this develops conflicts in the interest and attitude among the groups of people which later gives rise to many social problems like discriminations or exclusions. According to the United Nations Secretary General, ' It is crucial for combating the virus. Millions of people are there who are least able to protect themselves. As this is a matter of basic human solidarity- we must come to the aid of the ultra-vulnerable'.

  1. Rise of suicidal cases

- The sudden death of popular actor of Hindi cinema Sushant Singh is the noticeable number of rise in the suicidal cases globally. Not only that, the other pandemic is that of suicides which is not noticed by many. The pandemic has caused concern for a potential spikes in the number of suicides. The causes may be their social isolation due to the system of quarantine, lockdown or social distancing policies, fear about uncertainty, unemployment and financial factors.

During the lockdown, people are likely to suffer from the issues like mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and fear of getting infected with the virus and different other problems. According to several health experts, 'the rise of suicidal cases is mainly as a result of an ongoing situation which needs to be addressed soon. The proper counseling and healthy atmosphere must be ensured to reduce to some extent'.

  1. Domestic Violence

- Amidst the ongoing pandemic, there are several cases reported that the situation is increasing the domestic violence in the society. Problems like financial insecurity, stress, and uncertainty have led to aggression at home. The pandemic is changing the attitudes and interests among the couple as a result of which the problems of domestic violence are rising.

As there are restrictions to not to go out, the conflicts become even more frequent and have grown bigger. Ill behavior, mistreatment are the problems that females are often facing where females are not feeling safe even at their homes.

However, the disheartening situation might have been so far, we all must strive to mitigate the negative ripples effects created by covid19 across the globe. No matter how tougher the circumstance is going right now, we will soon get over with it as every cloud has a silver lining. There is just a need for souls with a positive mindset.

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