Strength Of Unity In Humanity To Deal With COVID19

Our normal day-to-day life has changed. It is not the same anymore. We are obliged to not to go out at any cost.

April 2, 2020, 8:15 p.m.

This is the time of urgency; urgency to act, urgency to build unity and urgency to work together to take care of health and hygiene. The current strain of Corona virus has brought the whole world and even the busiest cities like New York, Paris, Rome, and Toronto to a standstill and halted all kinds of activities from normal daily activities to the professional activities that we perform. The global population has been suffering disastrously and it is not less than any natural calamities that we have had faced earlier.

Life at present is a fight for the common battle. The common battle is to defeat against the threat and terror caused by the spread of Corona virus killing more than thirty-eight thousands of people globally. Knowingly, it has compelled people from all over the world to stay at home so that we can stop the spread of the virus. It seems as if we all people have come under the masterly control of the pandemic virus. Nonetheless, it has spread its ugly wings of terror thereby bringing insufferable pain to our livelihood making more vulnerable.

Our normal day-to-day life has changed. It is not the same anymore. We are obliged to not to go out at any cost. It has definitely changed the way we live. It has changed the mental state of doing same things over and over again. It has changed the way we perceive certain things. Although, we all have been dealing between life and death situation, it has certainly changed the perception of people's health and hygiene. On this, I would like to share something:

'Just a couple of few days back, when I was walking down the road returning home from college, I could notice something different on one of the shop ; the shop which is quite known for its weak hygiene and maintenance.

The way to that shop happens to be my everyday way when I am returning back from my college. Like the other days, on that particular day, a lot of people were there, but the only difference was that whoever enters inside had to be with masks, gloves, and to wash out his/her hands before entering and to not to make a contact with one another maintaining three meter distances. It was really overwhelming fact to know that the shop which was never known for its cleanliness and hygiene, was known to be one of hygienic shop after a few days'.

The above instances show that there has been sudden positive change in the mindset of people. People by now, have become extra conscious concerning their health and hygiene which is quite good enough. But for some, even the slight sneeze or cough is the subject of scare now. People with immune-compromised already been infected with common cough or cold due to dust or of some allergy is seen as if something amiss. Having a bit of cough or cold doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has to go for a checkup. Maintaining social distancing is a must during this time. Though, it has altered the way of socializing to a great extent, it has also consciously compelled people to apart for no logical reasons.

We've been hit hard by the circumstances we are facing now that is demanding extra sacrifices from all sides of ours. With the WHO health expert's extensive research going on about the COVID 19, we cannot neglect but notice the ratio of doctors, nurses, journalists, police, and other professionals working sleeplessly for the sake of humankind at large. Therefore, the current situation requires all of us to be unite and be the strength for those people who are working really hard to make our life be at ease. Here goes the phenomenal work done by female doctors:

'The condition reached at such worse state that because of lack of protective gear, hazmat suits and shortage of supplies, females doctors are coming out jointly having their hair cut (shaving their heads completely), wearing adult diapers, and taking birth control pills to delay their menstrual cycle for 1+months and more counting'.

The above instance reminds us to be appreciative of what professionals are doing on being conscious on our own. Taking into the consideration the uncertainty and mortality of human life aside, corona virus has not just exposed to the world of the extremities but at the same time, it has given the life lesson learn to all the humans living on this earth. 'You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome but you can control your attitude and how to deal with it'.

Like every cloud has a silver lining, there are numerous ways to cope up with any kind of situation we may be in. It's all about strong mindset that to transform from we can't do to we can. The only urgency for now is not just to act wisely but to find good aspect in every bad situation that comes our way. Although, the pandemic corona virus has been a life threat, it has taught that however, bad situation might be, the situation should never overtake you, instead, it should fill you with courage and fortitude to fight back'. This is the time to support one another and become their strength. The world will get back to normal, sooner or later. If we work together, we will definitely be able to beat this pandemic Corona virus.

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