Banke Faces Shortages Of Hospital Beds As Covid-19 Cases Has Gone Out Of Control

Banke Faces Out Of Control Of Covid-19 Cases

April 23, 2021, 10:01 a.m.

Following the massive surge of Covid-19 patients, Bheri Hospital is currently out of the bed and oxygen.

There are 40 patients in the 15-bed ICU and beds meant for other patients have been used for Covid cases. The 40-bed pre-isolation bed meant for keeping the suspected patients is almost packed reports RSS.

The entire health system is highly likely to be affected by the growing pressure of patients if the spread of the virus could not be stem on time.

To meet the new challenges, hospitals have put conditions that only with serious health issues are to be admitted to the Banke-based health institutes following an increasing pressure of patients here amidst a surge in coronavirus cases.

According to RSS, beds allocated for Covid-19 patients at the Nepalgunj-based Bheri Hospital and Teaching Hospital Kohalpur are already packed and the hospitals decided to admit only those with serious health complications and those requiring immediate oxygen therapy, according to District Covid-19 Crisis Management Center's resource person Tej Oli.

RSS reports that asymptotic patients and those with mild symptoms are made to stay in home isolation meeting all public health standards under the surveillance of local-level health workers. Local government-run isolation centres are available for those who are not in the position of self-isolate at the home meeting required health protocols. Similarly, paid isolation at hotels has been ensured for those who can afford the service.

Bheri Hospital's chief medical superintendent Dr Prakash Thapa said the 15-bed Covid intensive care unit is already overcrowded and the 102-bed corona special ward is fully packed with infected.

The public has been urged not to visit hospitals in general condition, not to leave home except for emergency, to compulsorily use a mask, to observe social/physical distancing, to self-isolate in case of development of fever, according to Bheri Hospital Management Committee chair Pramod Dhital.

Those who tested positive for the virus have been recommended for taking abundant rest at home, keeping records of body temperature and intake of paracetamol in case of having normal fever.

Weeklong lockdown recommended

With the growing cases of the virus here, the District Covid-19 Crisis Management Center has recommended a weeklong lockdown beginning from Thursday. Banke Chief District Officer Shiba Ram Gelal said the Center's meeting held on Tuesday recommended lockdown from April 22. As he said, the district reports a high infection rate as it has become a hotspot for the virus for the past few days. There were 322 new cases on Monday alone.

All ward employees tested positive

The Office of Nepalgunj Sub Metropolis-1 has been closed after all ward employees were found getting infected with the virus, said ward chair Pramod Rijal. The Office has three female and one male employee. They all are at home isolation and report mild symptoms.

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