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Dr. Hemang Dixit’s book shows how medicine developed as to the present day science<br>A CORRESSPONDENT

July 4, 2010, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. 04 No. 03 July 2-2010 (Asadh-18, 2067)

Medical colleges are increasing in Nepal. They are drawing in more and more students. A good book on medical sciences, in this context, becomes a must for many a student and teachers. Dr. Hemang Dixit’s concise History of Medicine promises to fill that cater to that need.


With a long experience in medical education, Dr. Dixit has seen all that is happening in terms of modern medical science as practiced in Nepal. This way, the book is going to be very helpful to the students pursuing medical degrees.


“This book is written with the medical students of Nepal in mind,” Dr. Dixit writes in his foreword. He adds with the ever increasing number of medical students in the country and the corresponding increase in the number of those involved in the medical fraternity, it is necessary that all the newcomers in the field of medicine should be aware of the development of medicine through the ages. They should have some idea of the remedies of the past, the changes that have occurred over the course of the years and the background regarding the present day discoveries and practices.


There can be few better persons than Dr. Dixit to relate the tale of modern medicine to Nepal. Along with the concise history of medicine in the world, the book also describes Nepal’s own history. This book is full of resources and information about the history of medicine.


“When I was a child I remember my father giving me medicine for deworming. Medicine then used was Santanin powder and it was an annual affair. Years later when I qualified as a doctor, I remember him recalling an occasion when a patient he treated passed; I think he said 900 plus worms! I remember in the 1960 prescribing the same de-worming medicine and getting similar results though not with such large numbers,” writes Dr. Dixit (page 115).


The book consists of various chapters. In the early chapters, the book describes history of world medicine starting from introduction to History of Medicine, diseases affecting world history, pre-history magic medicine, Egyptian Medical history, Buddhist, Tibetan, Indian medical history. The book also describes medicine in Nepal, medical and nursing education in Nepal.


Dixit started his stint at Bir Hospital in 1965 and he was posted to Kanti Children’s Hospital in 1970. In 1975, He left the government job and joined Institute of Medicine of Tribhuwan University as a reader of child health in 1977 and became a dean for almost four years. He became professor in child health in 1985.


He started his medical education at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School of London University in 1956 and completed it in 1961 doing both MBBS (U London and LRCP, MRCS of the Conjoint Board).


This book is part of Dr. Dixit’s professional and other experiences in the medical sector. From his early career in the government service to becoming professor at TU and president of Nepal Pediatric Society and Nepal Medical Association, Dr. Dixit served in various capacities the reflection of which is seen in the book.



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