General Welfare Pratisthan Pushing Good Cause

<br><EM>-Nitish Dev Bhattarai</EM>

Dec. 20, 2010, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 04 No.-13 Dec.17-2010 (Poush 02,2067)

In 1993, Get Paper Industry (GPI) initiated work to establish the General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) to reduce socio-economic problems in the country through mobilizing its profits. The vision of GWP was to work for creating a healthy, well-cultured, and empowered society free of
economic disparities in Nepal.

Over the years, GWP actively worked towards meeting such goals as improving health, and education in the society, reducing poverty among marginal population, preventing girls from being trafficked and tricked into sex trade, minimizing violence (conflict/gender related), increasing peace building in the community and, enhancing awareness among young generation on environmental issues.

The pratisthan or trust has carried out many campaigns like distribution of 358,356 free condoms, 15,343 condoms socially marketed, 16,991 condoms demonstration sessions, and 36 street dramas involving16040 people as spectators. Some 25 campaigns managed by the trust reached out to 41983 people.

In health improvement program, 226 mobile clinics were managed, three district hospitals implemented safe injection programs, two types of incinerators were developed for the disposal of used syringes and 185 health professionals trained on safe injection programs.

In education, 50 children of stone crushers received sponsorship and logistic support in Bal Bhavisya Pariyojana – Mahadevbesi, Dhading. Some 55 children are studying in different parts of Nepal under the trust sponsorship. In environmental improvement sector, lokta plantation is being done in Gotikhel of Lalitpur district as well as training four community members to manage agriculture as a commercial product.

GWP spends 84 per cent of its income in raising awareness and methods to prevent HIV/AIDS and also eradicate stigma attached by the general public to patients of AIDS.

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