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Mani Dixit’s new novel shows how the enemy works within<br>DEBESH ADHIKARI

Nov. 13, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-09 Nov. 11-2011 (Kartik 25,2068)<br>

Professor Dr. Hemang Dixit is a well-known pediatrician of Nepal. He is also known by the pseudo name of Mani Dixit in the literary circles. Mani is among the few individuals in the world making vast and significant contributions to both literature and medicine.

He has already penned more than 10 books. Expectations are bound to run high when Mani, with his decades of experience in the field of literature, offers a new work.

After surviving an attempted assassination way back in 2006, ‘Shatru of Kathmandu’ is the second piece of significant literary work, following his autobiography ‘MY 2 INNINGS’.

“It was over five years ago on 4th may 2006 that someone tried to put an end to my life. Taking that as my starting point, I have tried to weave a story of present day Nepal. It is a figment of imagination put on the paper,” he writes.

Shatru of Kathmandu starts off strongly with an accidental attack on a Canadian doctor by Shatru and his gang, which is enough to provoke interest from the very beginning. Then, the story unfolds and revolves in and around the protagonist Shatru.

Despite being a work of fiction, the characters are all life like, and portray reality of the current scenario of the country. All the characters fit in well in the story and the book, in overall, provides enough realism and intrigue to make it a good read.

The book touches nearly all the current happenings of the country like politics, foreign employment, and extortion -- to name a few.

“It deals with the developments in present day Nepal. Those interested in Nepal’s happenings should get a copy and read it,” said Mani Dixit.

Barring a few, Nepalese writers have not made that much of an impression till now when it comes to English language novel.  But, this new book by Dr. Hemang Dixit stands out. The writer has used his full experience and shown maturity as a writer on handling the subject. Since it is based on the current scenario of the nation, the book is able to grab the reader’s attention until its very end.

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