Deal Betrayed Revolutionary Zeal

<br>Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal

Nov. 13, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-09 Nov. 11-2011 (Kartik 25,2068)<br>

The recently signed 7-point deal is a betrayal against the party. Our party leader Prachanda and prime minister Baburamji have betrayed the sacrifices of our party comrades and People’s Army. I don’t understand the reason behind the agreement to include 6,500 combatants. Our party’s bottom-line was to induct 10,000 people’s army. By agreeing to form separate brigade to look after the issue related to natural disasters, forest protection and providing security to industry, Prachandaji has downgraded our comrades. They have not fought to be a Chaukidar. In this sense, Prachandaji and Baburamji betrayed sacrifices of our cadres.

We have 20,000 PLA and there is no question to integrate only a quarter of our comrades.  So far as the compensation package is concerned, there is no reason to justify it.  On what basis will they choose 6,500 out of 20,000. I also do not understand the compensation package. Our comrades did not wage the war to secure the compensation of Rs. 700,000.00. This is also a part of humiliation. Other humiliating issues about the deal are the process of regrouping and forming a new battalion with the personnel from Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police.  It is also a highly objectionable clause not to give high ranks to our commanders.  If they want integration, it must be on the basis of equality and strength. When we signed the comprehensive peace agreement with the government in 2006, we made them clear that our People’s Army needs equal status during the process of integration. However, it is unfortunate that our party leader Prachanda has sacrificed all these for the sake of power.

The seven point deal is anti-national and anti-revolutionary. Party leaders have violated the direction of the Palungtar Plenum. Our plenum has directed our party not to agree in integration if our People’s Army doesn’t get the separate division. In the name of compensation, Prachndaji and Baburamji played with blood. I don’t think cadres of people’s army will surrender before the decision of the leadership. People’s Army members are not servants of Prachandaji or Baburamji. They are respected cadres. We need to admire their sacrifice and contribution in changing the history of the country. One must keep in mind that a wounded tiger may be dangerous. By surrendering our comrades before national and international reactionaries, conspirators and regressive forces, Prachanda has betrayed the cause.

If the party continues to impose anti-national decisions, we don’t have other option than to wage another revolution. We are ready to make another sacrifice if it is required. Our intention is clear, we want to protect the spirit and sacrifice of our party’s revolutionary time and our opposition is not against the party but it is against the anti-national decision of Prachandaji. We have already decided to take this issue nationwide.  We have also registered a 10-point motion against the seven point deal. We will take all necessary steps to condemn and criticize the seven point deal.  Although our party leaders have been trying to portray us as a minority and splinter in the party, that is wrong. Frankly speaking, majority of party workers are with us and even we have majority in the party’s central committee.  I don’t think any leader can support the present deal which is totally against the party’s interests.

Since the last few months, our party leader Prachanda has been imposing decisions one after another by taking the authority at the center. This is against the spirit of the functioning of the People’s Party. There should not be all the power in the hand of a single person. Although we made efforts to settle the issue last time, party president Prachanda violated it. We have already opposed some of Prachandaji’s activities. For instance, he visited Indian city of Siliguri without informing the party. We want clarification why he went there and how many persons he met there. Nobody has the right to run the party in the dark. He must clarify on his visit before us.

Our struggle will continue in the party.  We will fight tooth and nail in the party’s front. We are taking this issue in the party’s central committee level and later we will take this issue to party’s plenum.  We will not take respite till we get justice. Our struggle is against the injustice and betrayal. That is all. At a time when foreign elements, reactionaries and regressive forces are directing our party leadership to take the decision, it is the role of patriotic party leaders to expose the leaders and persons involved in the dirty design.  Since a large number of party workers are supporting us, we will be able to lure the party workers from outside too.

By signing the four-point deal and forming the government with the help of Madheshis, our party leaders have sacrificed our interests. It was a breach of trust within the party. Now the leaders have committed another crime by signing the seven point deal by sacrificing the interests of the party and party leaders.  There is a limit to tolerance and compromise. This is time for all revolutionary leaders to show that they are really sincere to the cause of revolution.  In this war for justice, we are supported by revolutionary comrades of the party. This is our strength. We will compel the leadership to change their anti-revolutionary stand. (UCPN-Maoist central committee member) Excerpts of the statement delivered at press conference)

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