Chance Sundance!

<br>Shradha Gyawali

Feb. 14, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-15 Feb. 10 -2012 (Magh 27,2068)<br>

It’s that time again here in glorious Utah- the Sundance time. The Sundance flags can be seen lining the streets of Downtown Salt Lake City. If you are spending your first winter in Utah or are planning to visit this lovely state sometime in the future, it’s time to be enlightened on the largest and the most prestigious film festival in the United States. Sundance is not only a film festival but a culture in Utah.

In 1981, Robert Redford began a mission to foster a new kind of environment in the mountains of Park City, Utah. You would probably recognize Redford from his film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” However, he is also known for his directing, producing, involvement in independent films and environmentalism.

After purchasing a large sum of land northeast of Provo, Utah, Redford gathered a small group of friends and colleagues, invited filmmakers, artists, writers and directors and from there began to build what we now know as the Sundance Film Festival.

The artists that were invited each year were encouraged to take creative risks and to stay true to their own unique visions. Redford felt that by removing these aspiring artists from the pressure of marketplace in the city, he could encourage a new and less restricting way of making films and advancing in the industry.

Sundance Film Festival has grown from its humble beginning into one of America’s most renowned film festivals. According to, the number one event to experience in Utah is, in fact, the festival. So grab your camera, put on your most stylish winter boots and let’s Sundance.

Sundance was once a humble Utah festival; however, it has far outgrown that title. Because of the large number of people flowing in from around the world and the big name stars that have been showing up in the independent films present at the festival, locals can often get pushed aside in the Sundance frenzy.

This is my second year in Utah and I haven’t had a chance to experience Sundance. I would like to go but I have never been too sure about ticket pricing or how to deal with the long lines. This is the cry of many throughout the valley. Pricing and crowds have always been a hindrance for their own experience. But fear not, this year there are a lot of exciting deals available which will help you finally break out, and into the Sundance world.










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