KLM's passengers rise


July 6, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-02 June. 22-2012 (Aashar 08, 2069)<br>

KLM's  passenger: strong rise in traffic (+4.6%) and load factor (+2.2 points) but its cargo decline in traffic (-2.8%) and load factor (-0.9 points). In order to facilitate year on year comparison passenger data has been restated to include the passenger business of Martinair.



 The passenger business recorded a rise in traffic of 4.6% for capacity up 1.9%, leading to a 2.2 point rise in load factor to 84.2%. The number of passengers stood at 6.90 million (+2.5%). Unit revenue per available seat kilometer progressed relative to June 2011.



On the Americas network, traffic and capacity were up respectively by 5.6% and 1.7%. The load factor improved by 3.4 points to 90.3%.



The Asia network still benefiting from the favourable comparison base (Japanese tsunami of March 2011), was extremely dynamic in June with a rise in traffic of 10.3% for capacity up 7.1%. The load factor stood at 87.1% (+2.6 points).



The Africa and Middle East network recorded a rise in traffic of 2.6% while capacity was down 2.0%.  The load factor gained 3.6 points to 80.8%.



On the Caribbean and Indian Ocean network, traffic and capacity declined respectively by 9.2% and 11.5%. The load factor rose 1.9 points to 76.3%.


European network traffic rose 3.8% for capacity up 5.6% due to the effect of the Provincial Bases. The load factor fell 1.3 points to 77.0%.  



The decline in cargo traffic in June 2012 was more limited than in previous months. Capacity was reduced by 1.4% while traffic declined by 2.8%. The load factor stood at 63.9% (-0.9 points). Unit revenue per available tonne kilometre was down compared with 2011.



The government of Japan decided to extend financial assistance of US $ 246,723 to GLM institute, in Japan’s Fiscal Year 2012 under the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects scheme of the Government of Japan.



A grant contract relating to this project was signed and exchanged today between Ambassador of Japan to Nepal Kunio TAKAHASHI and Wakana NISHIYAMA, project manager, GLM institute.


GLM institute, in coordination with a local NGO called Sirjansil Welfare Society, will implement the project for improving livelihood of farmers through environmentally harmonizing agriculture in the hilly areas of Sindhuli district.


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