GOVERNEMNT Fragile Coalition

Standing on the shoulders of uncertain coalition partners like UCPN-Maoist and RPP-Nepal, the new government is fragile at best

Nov. 8, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.09, No-9, November 6, 2015 (Kartik 20, 2072)

Although CPN-UML has made a major gain in power sharing electing its own leader as president of the Republic of Nepal, the tenure of the government is uncertain, given the motley coalition partners, including UCPN-Maoist and RPP-Nepal.

With just a thumping majority in the Legislature Parliament, the government has to walk a very tight rope, pleading before two coalition partners UCPN-Maoist and RPP Nepal, for its longevity.

Even within the CPN-UML party, Oli is facing a tough resistance from former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalnath Khanal. Riding power on an anti-Indian and anti-Madheshi planks, Prime Minister K.P. Oli has many challenges in his front.

During constitution writing, he held a tough stand. Oli reportedly declined the request by India’s special envoy, foreign secretary Jay Shanker, to postpone the CA process for a week.

Similarly, the National Reconstruction Authority ordinance expired because of CPN-UML’s insistence. Nepali Congress is likely to give him a tough time in the Legislature Parliament.


As three months of agitation have badly affected the overall economy, bringing the United Madheshi Front into mainstream politics, by ending the agitation and blockade, should be the first priority of the new government.

The second priority will be to constitute the National Reconstruction Authority and carry out the post disaster construction activities effectively. In the absence of the authority, reconstruction and rehabilitation work by effectively mobilizing the international community is far from happening.

Another priority should be to bring Nepal-India relations back on track as it is heading towards a turbulent phase. Although Prime Minister Oli has already spoken twice with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi over the telephone and sent deputy prime minister and foreign minister to India, the relations are yet to be normal. Prime minister Oli is one of the persons who is said to have defied the suggestions of India and it will be very hard for him to restore the normal relations.

Although CPN-UML leader and Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli is described as a strong man, his actions show otherwise -- he has to walk on a very tight rope adjusting his party leaders and two major coalition partners.


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