Indian Government Supported Construction of Hostel at Madan Ashrit School

Indian Government Supported Construction of Hostel at Madan Ashrit School

May 17, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.9,No 20,May 6,2016 (Baisakh 24,2073)

India provides financial assistance of NRs. 45.66 million for construction of Hostel building for Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School at Gothatar in Kathmandu District. 

Ambassador of India Ranjit Rae and Pradip Nepal, Chairman of MadanAshrit Foundation jointly inaugurated the newly constructed hostel building for Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School at Gothatar, Kathmandu.

The three storied hostel building has been constructed with the financial support amounting NRs. 45.66 million by the Government of India. The hostel building consists of 24 rooms, one large meeting hall and  rest rooms for boys  and girl students  in each floor. The essential furniture and fixtures have also been provided for the accommodation of students in the hostel.

The MadanAshrit MemorialFoundation is named after two prominent leaders of Nepal Late Madan Bhandari and Jeev Raj Ashrit who were killed in an unfortunate road accident 23 years ago in Chitwan.

The foundation is a non-profit social organization working for the upliftment of backward sections of the society through its various activities. The MadanAshrit Memorial Technical School, established in 2009, conducts vocational courses for Civil Sub Overseers as well as other community oriented short term vocational training with the help of CTEVT.

The school lacked hostel facilities till now and the hostel building inaugurated today will facilitate students from outside the Kathmandu valleyin completing technical programmes, improving their professional skills and become economically independent.

Hitherto, 14 other projects have been completed in Kathmandu district alone with the Government of India’s assistance worth 363.6 million. Moreover, 8 other projects at a cost of NRs 340 million are at different stage of their implementation. Additionally, the Indian Government has, in the past, provided 41 ambulances, 03 special Medical Vans ad 37 school buses to various organizations active in Kathmandu recognizing the need of the people of Nepal and in pursuit of its continued support to Government of Nepal for achieving socio-economic progress. Apart from this Government of India has provided financial assistance of approx. NRs 501.53 million towards renovation, restoration, upgradation of various sites of religious, educational, cultural and historical importance in Nepal in financial year 2015-2016.

The India-Nepal Economic Cooperation Program has an outlay of over NRs 76 billion with more than 529 large and small development projects completed or being implemented in almost all the districts of Nepal.  These development projects, mainly in the sectors of education, health and infrastructure development, have been undertaken in response to local needs and in partnership with the Government of Nepal.


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