SHREEJANA RANA Deserved Reward

Shreejana Rana becomes the new chairperson of Zonta International Club

May 19, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.9,No 21,May 20,2016 (Jesth 7, 2073)

Shreejana Rana is not a new name within the circle of women entrepreneurs of Nepal. Leading a five star Hotel, Hotel Annapurna, Rana has a record of successfully leading other regional and international organizations.

For her successful role in promoting women's entrepreneurship and working in the areas of women empowerment in Nepal, Zonta International Club Nepal, a global organization of executives and professionals with 68 chapters worldwide, has chosen Rana as the new president.

Given her dedication for the cause of women, Nepalese women will benefit a lot during Rana’s tenure as the president. 

“We Zontians are proud to inform you about our Presidential Change of Office Ceremony have been held on May 10th where our Vice President Shreejana Rana became a new president of the organization for 2 years,” said a press release issued by the Club.

Visiting delegates, Governor Mahazaver Dalal, District 25, Zonta Club, India, Dilruba Ahmed, Foundation Ambassador and Parliamentarian, District 25, Bangladesh Lt. Governor Fahmida Karim, Ztn. Dr. Rubina Hosain, Area 2 Director, Bangladesh shared information about Zonta International and its organizational structure during the program.

Zonta Club Nepal works at the national and local levels through service and advocacy for improving economic growth, education, health and issues related to youth and violence against women. It strives to advance the status of women.

Leading many organizations successfully, Rana has one more job to do in performing her role to improve the livelihood of most vulnerable and marginalized women community in different parts of Nepal.

Under social responsibility, Zonta Club Kathmandu Nepal handed over the pilot community toilets to the women community of Goldhunga, an earthquake affected area outskirts of Kathmandu valley.  

The community toilets is the first of its kind, incorporating the Sulabh technology, which has been declared as one of the Global Best Practices for achieving success in the field of cost-effective technology. 

The Sulabh technology toilet consists of a pan with a steep slope of 25°-28° with 20 mm water seal requiring only 1 to 1.5 liters of water for flushing, thus helping conserve water. It has 2 pits system where there are no sewage facility available, thus making it environment friendly. 

The community toilet was handed over to the Manushi women group. Manushi will take the responsibility of sanitary and maintenance of the Sulabh community toilets.

Under the new chairperson Rana, Zonta Club Kathmandu, Zonta Club will be more active and increase its activities in rural parts of Nepal.   

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