NEPAL ARMY Mission Rescue

Nepal Army has shown that it has the capability to carry out the rescue mission even in difficult mountain terrains as rescuing people in remote parts of Nepal

July 9, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.09,No. 24, July 08,2016, Ashad 24,2073)

Following torrential rains on July 2, a mountain in Cheprang VDC of the Ri Village Development Committee, Ward No 9 washed away the temporary shelters of local people isolated from the rest of other areas.

Then came the call from Gorkha Disaster Committee to Nepal Army on July 3 to send its rescue helicopter. As the mountain terrain is in a very difficult area, Nepal Army’s rescue mission took several efforts to land the helicopter.

With the effort of Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART), Nepal Army’s personnel of the Debidutta battalion were able to rescue the persons trapped in the landslides.

Four persons rescued from Ri were sent to Dhadingbeshi and handed over to Nepal Red Cross for further treatment and three others rescued from Meledanda of Ri village were also handed over to Red Cross.

As soon as the monsoon rains touch the country, landslides hit the villages. Whenever the situation gets difficult, the local administration immediately calls Nepal Army for rescue. Be it a big earthquake or small landslip, Nepal Army remains alert and prepares to carry out the necessary rescue mission.

“Nepal Army is alert and ready to carry out rescue mission whenever the people require our service,” said Brigadier General Tara Bahadur Karki, spokesperson of Nepal Army. “We want to assure the Nepali people that we provide them with necessary support at the time of crisis.”

Following torrential rainfall, a portion of mountain in Ri village collapsed. Nepal Army helicopter airlifted seven persons trapped in a landslide from Ri village of Dhading district.

The Government of Nepal regards Nepal Army as an inseparable agency in Disaster Relief Operations. With long experience and expertise, Nepal Army has the capability to respond effectively to all kinds of disaster.

With its limited resources, Nepalese Army has been playing a major role in providing emergency assistance to the needy people all over the country - a role that has become even more important in the present context.

“Nepalese Army has historically provided vital relief during floods, earthquakes, avalanches, fires, landslides, air and other transportation disasters. The primary roles of the Nepalese Army in disaster relief are search and rescue missions, medical assistance and evacuation, air rescue, mass evacuation, flood control and other related works,” said spokesperson Brigadier General Karki.

Nepal Army has already rescued over two dozen people following the massive floods in different parts of Nepal.


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