With the initiative of Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NBCCI), a postal stamp was released to mark the bicentenary of Nepal Britain relations

Jan. 7, 2017, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.10, No.10, January 06,2017 Poush 22,2073

For any two countries to maintain warmth and cordial relations for over two hundred years is historic in itself. Nepal and United Kingdom have proven that they can hold it together no matter what the circumstances.

Nepal and Britain have developed relations that do not last only at the state to state and government to government level. From state to business and people to soldiers, Nepal-Britain relations exist at all levels. The relations at the people to people level are also close and warm.

As Nepalese have been serving in the British Army for two hundred years, they have been championing the relations at the grass root level. For the last one year, various programs have been organized at different levels demonstrating the depth and breadth of relations between the two countries.

In the last two hundred years, circumstances and situations have changed. The number of British tourists visiting Nepal has been increasing drastically and there are a large number of British Citizens of Nepalese origin living in the United Kingdom.

Similarly, British citizens living in Nepal have also played an important role to strengthen the relations. Along with these, the bilateral organizations, like Nepal Britain Society, Britain Nepal Society and NBCCI have been taking the relations to the people’s level.

As Nepalese have a deep respect and regard for the British royalty and a reciprocal feeling is shared by the British Royal members. The visit of British Prince Harry to earthquake devastated areas, national parks, rural hills and his week-long involvement in the construction of a school building demonstrated the royal love to Nepali people.

Similarly, Nepalese of all walks of life showed their respect and attachment to prince Harry wherever he visited Nepal. The British government continues to provide the much-needed support to the development of Nepal through DfID. 

As the bicentenary program is close to its conclusion, the Department of Postal Services has published a postal stamp to commemorate the relations. Unveiled by Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Karki, in the presence of vice president Nanda Bahadur Pun, the postal stamp symbolizes the importance of the bicentenary of relations between the two countries.

“Nepal-British relation is unique, characterized by warmth and harmony all the time. Although the diplomatic relationship was established in one circumstance, it has always remained warm,” said minister Karki. “As the relations of two countries exist at all levels, Nepal government attaches a high importance to them.”

The commemorative postal stamp was unveiled by Minister Karki at a ceremony organized by Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NBCCI) to mark the two hundred years of historic relations.

British ambassador to Nepal Richard Morris, who has played a very important role in making the bicentenary event a grand success, said that the publication of the postal stamp was a very important part of the celebration.

NBCCI president Rajendra Kumar Khetan said that it is a matter of privilege for the NBCCI to be part of the postal stamp's unveiling. He said that Nepal and Britain not only had centuries' old relations but they were also deep rooted in every aspect of Nepalese life.

As Nepal and United Kingdom are celebrating two hundred years of establishment of bilateral relations, the year is highly important for independent Nepal as the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1816 was also recognition to Nepal as independent nation in this part of the world.

Nepal-Britain relations are now so close due to several levels of interactions and British support to Nepal all the time, that the coming days will be no different.


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