Coca-Cola connects with Apex College youth

Coca-Cola connects with Apex College youth

May 12, 2017, 6:45 p.m.

Director of Coca-Cola's Category Marketing and Corporate Brand Sujatha V Kumar gave a practical session on "Marketing to the Millennial Generations touching on Truth in the age of social media” to the management students of Apex College. During the interactive session, Ms. Kumar, engaged with BBA and MBA students, sharing unique insights into how a successful brand builds it’s core, and maintains its relevance through generations and across continents. Students had the opportunity throughout the session to ask any questions about Coca-Cola’s journey in Nepal and around the world.

A millennial is considered to be someone that represents society’s young adults and is often associated with words like “tech-savvy,” “self-absorbed,” and “free spirited.” And while these adjectives may apply to some members of this group, one could easily argue that other generations possess these same qualities - after all, several baby boomers also own the latest tech, and are well-versed in its features. She gave the insights of Coca-Cola campaigns done both online and offline to create a maximum impact on consumer's behavior. Likewise, she also gave the importance of Retrospect and Prospect – Looking back to look forward effectively in marketing and management. Coca-Cola has been around for 131 years and the one thing can be learned is that Coke tends to develop a deep bonding with its consumers to be a part of their everyday moments.

She said "As digital disruption takes place, social media cannot be separated from any media strategy. Most of the times millennial are online whether on large or small device and we use every possible way to connect with them by running engaging online campaigns."

Pooja Khanal, one of the attendees shared "the insight and approaches of Coca-Cola campaigns shared by Kumar, gave us a clear perspective of developing a brand that not only focuses on selling but goes beyond selling by integrating with consumers emotions. I was touched by Coca-Cola's 'Small World Machines' idea used in India and Pakistan to break down barriers, creating a simple moment of happiness between two nations at very odd time."


Kumar concluded the session by giving crucial advice for a successful and practical approach of brand engagement through strategic in-depth consumer centric approach while preparing marketing plan. Coca-Cola will keep reaching out to more colleges to invite them over for such interactions.  It gives the company a great connect with their youth consumers and the youth an opportunity to interact with company officials directly.



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