The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) hosted a reception for Dev Raj Dahal with a sense déjà vu for his service

May 21, 2017, 1:46 p.m.

Serving 24 years at FES-Nepal in different positions, political scientist and scholar Dev Raj Dahal has announced his retirement from as the country representative of the German political foundation.

Ms Annette Schlicht, the new Resident Representative of FES Nepal Office, chaired the reception hosted to bid farewell to Dahal last week in the midst of a gathering of scholars, professors, trade union leaders and general people. The farewell given by FES Nepal to Dahal as its former country representative was understandably warm.

“The life of an institution lasts longer than the people working in it. I know FES contribution was there in Nepal before I joined this office and it will continue with a new vigor and fresh insight in the future. I hope the surge of goodwill extended to us by our people from all walks of life will maintain the base of solidarity and harness shared values of trust in each other,” he said in his farewell remark.

“The long past of my tenure is over but my deep bonds with the FES will remain fresh in my memory. Retirement is only a time for self-examination and sharing of experience with the family and friends.”

Dr. Dahal worked in different positions in FES Nepal. “I acted with full knowledge of responsibility for 24 years with FES Nepal office. During this time, I received both national and international exposure and experience and transcended disciplinary boxes of political science degree. The trust bestowed upon me by colleagues in the headquarters has been a tremendous source of inspiration for our work in Nepal. I must mention three of our colleagues—Dr. Beate Bartoldus, Dr. Heinz Bongartz and Dr. Peter Hering—who, like sister and brothers, provided foundational support for the expansion of our cooperation. They stood shoulder to shoulder even when I had no experience of running a political foundation,”

As Dahal was retiring from office, FES gave him a warm regard sending high level officials to the event. “I am deeply honored by the presence of Ms. Christiana Kesper, Head, Division of International Cooperation of our office in Berlin and the inspirational words she showered on me. I am really moved by your compassionate feelings. Our colleague Juergen Stetten, Head, Asia Department, had come to attend this function despite his health problem and is now hospitalized. I appreciate his affinity towards me and pray for his recovery soon. The presence of both heads demonstrates their commitment to strengthen Nepal office,” said Dahal.

Known for being supportive by nature, Dahal has wide contacts with people from different walks of life. “The support I received from many colleagues from the headquarters, our India office, regional offices and from our national and global partner organizations strengthened my ability and boosted my confidence. I worked with a spirit of solidarity with all. It created mutual stake and mutual responsibility for our cooperative efforts. I have received immense cooperation from the officials of the government of Nepal and the German Embassy whenever needed. I am grateful to all of them,” said Dahal.

Appreciating his role, Yubraj Ghimire, editor of Annapurna daily, said Dahal is a man of immense knowledge and it was a great time to work with him. The Representative of FES Nepal Office Ms. Annette Schlicht expressed her commitment to continue to work with different stakeholders in Nepal.

Before coming to Nepal, Annette was working for an organization in Germany that worked with youths. Her focus was on education for sustainable development and intercultural exchange programs for young people. In the past, she also headed the FES office in Benin. She is a political scientist by training.

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