MRP Landmark Five Million

Department of Passport has successfully issued five million MRPs to Nepalis across the world

July 9, 2017, 2:03 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 10, NO. 22, July 07, 2017 (Ashadh 23,2074)

Although many sectors in Nepal have failed to perform well, Department of Passport has shown that nothing is impossible as it has already distributed five million copies of passport to Nepali people.

When Nepal launched the MRP, the situation was grim as the time table to replace the handwritten passport was postponed several times. As the country was passing through a political transition, the leadership of then Director General Bharat Raj Poudyal of Department of Passport, took a lead. In the four years since, the Department has issued five million MRPs to Nepali people across the world. This was possible because of OT-Morpho’s valuable and sustainable customer care.

Although it started just seven years ago, the company helped issue 5 Million passports. “This is a major milestone. Despite earthquakes and other difficulties, Passport Department with support from OT-Morpho has made a great achievement,” said foreign secretary Shanker Das Bairagi. “Then, Director General Bharat Raj Poudyal’s effort was also laudable."

Addressing the program French Ambassador Yves Carmona expressed happiness that the new passport can make things easier for those Nepalese in traveling.

“This unique evening will be remembered as the celebration of the 5-million Nepali passports issued with the support of OT-Morpho, and also as the first one after the birth of the new OT-Morpho company. Security and identity technologies have been for a long time a strong accomplishment of French expertise. Along with a few others, Oberthur and Morpho have raised high our flag on that competitive market,” said Ambassador Yves Carmon.

“I have known both of these separate companies, including Morpho, which won last year the bid to produce Nepalese identity cards in the coming years, following in the footsteps of Oberthur which has produced Nepalese passports for 7 years. The premises of Morpho in Issy les Moulineaux, near Paris, and the MOFA’s Department of Passports in Kathmandu both display the very high level of technology utilized on both sites. Therefore, I am very pleased that these two companies now unite their strengths in a sizeable world Passports are extremely important in a country whose citizens are very mobile and work hard in foreign countries to build the 21st century. I pay due respect to the millions of Nepalese people who contribute to their country's prosperity by working hard overseas,” said Ambassador Carmon.

“The recent electoral sequence has shown the world that French people, far from rejecting the European Union and globalization, are confident in their capacity to bring competitive solutions to the world in a spirit of cooperation. Our histories are quite parallel lately since Nepal is in the process of successfully completing its local elections on the path to the implementation of its new Constitution.”

“As the political process will give more stability to Nepal, I am quite confident that the success story we are celebrating tonight will convince other French companies to look more closely to the opportunities which Nepal provides in many sectors, whether public transportation or energy. Let me stop here by wishing great success to the OT-Morpho merger and to the success of its operations along with the Nepali authorities,” said Ambassador Carmon.

Since 2010, OT-Morpho has been supporting Nepalese government as a result of its secure and reliable identity solutions by providing machine-readable passport (MRP) and enrolment stations across 10 different locations around the world as well as within the Department of Passport in Kathmandu.

 “We are particularly proud that the Nepalese government has renewed its trust in OT-Morpho’s ability to supply both machine readable passports and secure enrolment stations,” said Christophe Fontaine, Managing Director of the citizen access and identity business unit at OT.

Ambassador of France to Nepal Yves Carmona hosted a reception to celebrate the issuance of five million passports by OT-Morpho Technologies and the inauguration of Shree Gadgade Adharbhut Bidhyalaya in Nagarkot.

Supported by OT Morpho through the supervision of Enfance Espoir, the new school building will provide additional facilities to the students. With the completion of nine new classrooms, over 150 children will directly benefit.

French ambassador to Nepal Yves Carmona inaugurated the school building in a program. Started two years ago, the project is the outcome of long-term efforts and energy OT-Morpho invested together with other strongly engaged partners.

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