In the history of Nepal Army, the First Exclusive Unit for Women was established during COAS General Chhetri's first two years in office

Oct. 15, 2017, 3:51 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL.11, No.06,October 13- 2017 (Ashwin 27, 2074)

With almost two and a half century long history, Nepal Army has established itself  as an institution of hope for the Nepali people. Leading it for three years as the chief of Nepal Army will be just a small part of the long history. However, every COAS wishes to do something to remember for his tenure in the history.

Started from Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great, who led Nepal Army in the process of national unification, up to current chief COAS General Rajendra Chhetri, Nepal Army has seen many ups and downs in its institution building. As Nepal is in the process of promulgation of new constitution and its implementation, Nepal Army has a bigger role to take the country out of the constitutional and political turbulence.

Since being appointed to the high office on Ashoj 9, 2072, Chief of Army Staff General Rajendra Chhetri has led Nepal Army in a very crucial political juncture as well as at a time of earthquake reconstruction. 

Just a week after his appointment, he issued COAS’s Command Guidance – 2015, which included the vision and mission of Nepal Army for his three-year tenure, including restructuring Nepal Army in line with the new federal constitution.

As two years have passed since his appointment, Chief of Army Staff General Rajendra Chhetri reviewed the progress made during the period. He also reviewed the progress made under the COAS’s Command Guidance – 2015.

Although there are so many visible and invisible changes that have occurred in the last two years, the establishment for a separate women's unit is a visible and remarkable development in the history of Nepal Army.

Although Nepalese women have been playing a different role in the army for long, this is the first time separate unit under the command of women has been established.

Reviewing the success and achievement and failure of own tenure is a good practice, which  needs to be continued for even the new comers. COAS General Chhetri has shown the courage to evaluate work in front of all the army officers in relation to how much progress Nepal Army has made during his tenure.

Addressing Nepal Army Officers and other rank and files, COAS General Chhetri said that Nepalese people has a great faith on Nepal Army as it works with people in disaster and for other welfare programs.

“Nepal Army is a center of hope, trust and unity of Nepalese people. Even international community has praised the role of Nepal Army in disaster management back home and peacekeeping with devotion and commitment for international peace with selfless service and professional dedication,” said COAS General Chhetri.

He said that Nepal Army played a role in holding peaceful, impartial and credible local elections by transporting the ballot papers in sensitive areas and providing security in printing the ballot paper.

Just a week after assuming office, COAS General Chhetri announced his own programs for Nepal Army. In the last two years, COAS General Chhetri has taken many steps, which will contribute in future to strengthen Nepal Army.


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