Coca-Cola & Momo’s Makes Priyanka And Ayushman Patch Up

Coca-Cola & Momo’s Makes Priyanka And Ayushman Patch Up

Jan. 29, 2019, 8:26 p.m.

Coca-Cola the most preferred drink that values happiness, connecting emotions and feelings has launched a TVC for upcoming campaign mo:motsav 2019 across Nepal.

Coca-Cola has been celebrating mo:motsav campaign with a theme different from last three years. This year, Coca-Cola has launched a TV Commercial for the fourth edition of Mo:motsav with totally new theme ‘Coke Ra Mo:mo Perfect Jodi.’ As per the theme, this campaign will add new experience for people to enjoy varieties of Mo:Mo with Coca-Cola and make the experience better sharing with their loved one.

The brand ambassador of Coca-Cola in Nepal Priyanka Karki will be seen in TV commercial. Priyanka has a been part of every mo:motsav campaign but for the first time she has appeared in TVC of Coca-Cola mo:motsav with actor Ayushman Deshraj Joshi and actor Aakash Shrestha.

In the start of the TV commercial Priyanka is upset with Ayushman for some reason while he is trying to apologize. Aaksh, the owner of the restaurant, is already serving Coke and Mo:Mo to his customers. He serves Coke and Mo:Mo to Priyanka and Ayushman as well, but keep the Coke and Mo:Mo a little away from each other on the table The Mo: Mo’s steam is shown going back inside the Mo:Mo ( instead of coming out of it). The Coke also “cries” (metaphotically)-a “tear” (droplet) glides down the bottle. Seeing this, Aakash brings Coke and Mo:Mo together, which eventually also brings Priyanka and Ayushman together. And they enjoy eating Coke and Mo:Mo together.

Here Priyanka and Ayushman are only the representatives who share their feeling of love with coke. By being the part of this event you can express your feeling for the loved one and make a perfect Jodi like Coke and Mo:Mo.

Speaking about the Campaign Mr. Ambuj Singh, Country director of Coca-Cola Nepal said, ‘It is known that Coke and Food when consumed together, enhances the total consumption experience, thus making it a ‘perfect jodi’. We have tried to localise this global thought, through a campaign that speaks about enhancing the taste of momos when consumed with Coca-Cola and friends.

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