Sport: A Weapon Of Peace

Sport: A Weapon Of Peace

Dec. 3, 2019, 6:19 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 13 No. 09 ,Dec.20, 2019-Jan.02,2020(Poush.04, 2076) Publisher: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

Sport has always contributed to the development of peace amongst people. Beyond the political and economic sphere, it is about uniting nations, for more rivalries that may exist. Of course, money has to flow to millions. The economic spill will be of great importance for the organizing country but, having such games help respect humanity. It is to solve conflicts since the world we are living in has many problems between countries. Today, sport is a universal language. And, for that, it has immense educational value; from childhood, one can learn to fight to conquer a goal, to share the same goal and to work as a team to achieve it, to strive to compete at a prime age, with much enthusiasm. We must show and teach the humane and authentic side of the sport.

When analyzing different types of sports competitions, we often deal with politics. It is not possible to completely rule out the impact of politics on the outcome of sporting events or individual athletes. One thing is clear: every athlete or team represents a country and a nation, and if successful, not only the winner is honored but also the country whose representative has succeeded in winning. The anthem sounds and the flag is raised.

Sport is an important part of Nepalese human development. Sport has a role to encourage, foster, and develop physical, spiritual, and social potential. Physical exercise and regular exercise increases the degree of health and physical fitness of individuals and society.

The SAG is one of the most important events in South Asia, bringing together millions of people who meet every four years in a city previously selected to play different sports and activities. The SAG Games transcend borders and bring together individuals from all over South Asia. People who can stand out in one of the very varied sports disciplines as well as observe, and perhaps meet, some of the greatest and the most famous athletes in history.

Sport is a powerful transmitter of universal values such as respect, sharing, solidarity: values that contribute to building inclusive societies, especially emphasizing the young. We share values when we play sports. Diversity, motivation, the rules of the game, competing, losing or winning, not giving up and celebrating, are just some of the words that can describe shared values. Sport can contribute to promote the development and help generate income from sales and services related to sports, thus boosting international trade, promoting growth and entrepreneurship and job creation, and help in highlighting the prestige of a country, overcoming national differences and promoting universal values of fair play, mutual respect, and friendship. Improvement of health and social welfare by encouraging discipline, teamwork, and competitive spirit...this is what the game is all about and let it roll on!

The importance of these types of events today has to do with two main elements, on the one hand, the act of bringing together thousands of people from all over the South Asia who are readied for fifteen days to either play or enjoy the game. On the other hand, it is an important economic activity that moves millions of dollars in investments, secondary activities, and tourism (especially with Visit Nepal Year 2020 on the corner). It represents a benefit for the economy of the host city as well as for the means that transmit the skills and of course, for the SAG Committee.

We don't have an Olympic village to accommodate all the players and officers. We may lack the ultramodern facilities. Our management may not be up to the standard. But one thing is for sure- we have a golden heart! Let us welcome our guests wholeheartedly. Let go of the ego, attitude and filter policy for all the participants.

The sport has served to catalyze the reconciliation processes as it is not always about winning- it's about the relationship you establish with other countries. It is the process that you are able to experience and overcome. It is not about the final victory on a podium, it is about the victory of each day, of overcoming the pain by not giving up on the difficulty, of the path you take every second and eventually, you regain strength and decide to continue.

We might not win the games but we will definitely win the heart of all the athletes, participants and viewers.It is time to forget politics. This is a national event that has nothing to do with who runs the government. Let's be a part of this mega event and join our hands as one to make it a success! Hence, we appeal to all to clean your surroundings, make your city beautiful. Please start plogging now and encourage others to do the same. After all, this is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and we believe in Love, Compassion, and Peace.

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Deepak Raj Joshi

(The author is a lecturer and IT consultant. He also writes fiction under the name of Kapeed Joshi. He can be reached by email at

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