TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020 Grand Success

Although countries around the world, including Japan, faced a severe situation due to the rise of COVID-19 cases, with the emergence of its Delta Variant, Japan successfully hosted the 32nd Olympic Events, containing the COVID-19 cases, in the Olympic village. Postponed for a year after the Coronavirus crisis, there were many uncertainties till the last minute. As the cancellation of the Olympic would have done much damage for sports and prestige of Japan, the government of Japan held the game, taking all the precautionary measures. After successfully holding the games, containing the pandemic, the Government of Japan has demonstrated to the domestic and international opponents of holding the games that the events were a great success. With this, the 33rd edition of the Olympic Games would be held in Paris, the capital of France. As the last Olympic was devastating for South Asia with no gold, this time India’s Neeraj Chopra’s win of a gold has set a new record in the history of India as well as South Asia. For Nepal, its participation was itself a big achievement. Historically, the participation was valuable as Nepal started to take part in the Olympics from 1964’s Tokyo Olympic

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National pride is more important than that of a person. This is what the Japanese politicians have shown. Holding the Olympic Games in an unprecedented time of COVID-19 crisis, Japanese prime minister Suga Yoshihide has shown how the political leadership needs to take an individual risk for the sake of national pride.

Successfully holding the games amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese prime minister Suga received global applause, including from US President Joe Biden. His popularity in Japan has gone down to the lowest level for not handling COVID-19 crisis properly.

Although an overwhelming majority of Japanese people backed him for successfully holding the game, enhancing the pride of the nation, many others disfavored his handling of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Just after completion of the Olympic, Japan's Prime Minister Suga has thanked the country's people for helping the country host the Tokyo Olympics. He said the Games were held under unprecedented restrictions after a one-year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Japan fulfilled its duty as the host nation and passed the baton to the 2024 Paris Games. He thanked the public for understanding and cooperation.

Suga praised the athletes for helping a wonderful Olympics materialize, saying he applauds them all regardless of their results. He also said the athletes delivered dream, hope and excitement to youths and everyone else around the world, providing a unique asset for the future.

Along with other world leaders, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with the Japanese Prime Minister, commending him on the successful hosting of the Olympic Games and the public health measures that allowed them to be held, a White House statement said.

"President Biden applauded the performance of all the athletes and highlighted the success of Japanese and U.S. Olympians," the statement said, while noting "the public health measures taken so that Olympic athletes could compete in the best traditions of the Olympic spirit."

Domestic Support Shrinking

Despite receiving applause from the globe, a recent survey showed support for the prime minister was below 30%. This is such low for the first time since he took office in September last year. However, polls over the weekend by the daily Yomiuri showed that 64% of respondents were glad that the Games took place, opposed to 28% who disagreed.

At the global level, Japanese people have also applauded for successfully holding Olympics. People do not see this is enough to support him for his failure in domestic issues.

One of the big successes of Japan was that organizers were able to contain the pandemic in the game. Although a few dozen cases of infection were reported during the game, the organizers were able to contain them not allowing the cases to go out of control.

After the completion of Olympics, Japan has to hold Para Olympic now. As the game will have smaller participation, the organizers do not have to worry much in holding Para Olympic.

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32nd Olympic

The recently concluded 32nd Olympics was also unable to challenge United States, sports super power. Although China was able to hold the largest gold medal status till the end of two days, USA secured much needed gold medals to push China and other rivals behind.

Despite serious efforts, China is far from the United States in the overall games. Although it is gradually emerging to show its strength, China needs to wait a long time to better its performance in the overall sports.

Although Russia stood third in the overall medal tally, Japan was third in total gold medal tally followed by United Kingdom. Germany, which used to be a sports power house in the past, is now far behind.

The Tokyo Olympics that was planned for 2020 was deferred by a year due to global pandemic of coronavirus. Japan has successfully accomplished the 32nd Summer Olympics Events amidst coronavirus outbreak.

Deferred for a year, expecting to see the decline in COVID-19 Pandemic and audiences in the stadium, the events saw the organizers cancel all the tickets. There was no permission for the audience to be present at the stadium in the Tokyo Olympics due to the menace of coronavirus.

However, as many as 11,300 Olympians from 205 countries had come to take part in the Tokyo edition. The players competed for 340 gold medals, 338 silver and 402 bronze medals in total 33 sports events.

Nepali Olympic Squads


Starting its participation from Tokyo Olympics in 1964, Nepal continued to show its presence in the latest edition of the event. This Olympic was also very valuable for Nepal in terms of participation. Jeet Bahadur KC had completed the Marathon in 1964 setting a new record. Nepali Olympic team led by Gaurika Singh and Alex Shah has their zeal to improve performance. Although their presence was only just felt, they set new national records in swimming.

Nepali Olympians Gaurika Singh and Alex Shah had hoisted Nepali flag in the inaugural session of the Olympics. Some 93 countries clinched medals in the Olympics while 112 countries including Nepal remained medal less.

Only 65 countries won gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics. The US remained the highest gold medal winner (39) while China secured second position with 38. The host country, Japan, remained the third winner with 27 gold medals. India is the only South Asian country to win a gold medal, two silver and four bronze.

The Tokyo Olympics that kicked off on July 23 was held for 19 days. Japan had hosted the Olympic Games after 57 years. For Nepal, new comers like Singh and Shah are new generation of players who can make a difference in the future.

Given Nepal’s own resources and politicization of sports, it will take much longer to make a great success.

Japan’s Success

As a host country, Japan has made a big progress in the game achieving the third position in securing the gold medals. Japan secured 27 gold, 14 silver and 17 bronze with 58 total. Japan stands in the fiftieth place in total medal tally just behind the United Kingdom which secured 22 gold, 21 silver, 22 bronze with 65 total medals.


Although Japanese players had competed in their home ground, they were unable to see their supporters due to the restrictions made by Olympic committee to their audiences.

Team USA On Top

Team USA has finished top on the medal table at Tokyo 2020, winning 113 medals in 28 different sports. A total of 626 athletes competed for the US, clinching 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze medals. China and hosts Japan were closest to matching the US' gold medal haul, winning 38 and 27 respectively.

Team USA's performance at Tokyo ensured it finished top of the medal table -- ranked on golds -- for the third consecutive Summer Olympic Games.

“We kept our team safe and we’re coming home successful,” said Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. “The Tokyo 2020 Games have been remarkable in so many ways and I’m filled with gratitude and pride."

A record total of 94 different nations won a medal at Tokyo 2020, including Turkmenistan, San Marino and Burkina Faso -- who all claimed their first Olympic medals.

Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei and Turkey also set new records for most medals secured at a single Olympic Games. Foreign media outlets have given their assessments of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The BBC said, "In Britain, many have loved watching it, and will remember these Olympics as a classic." The broadcaster mentioned "an array of inspiring performances and innovative new sports" that "captured the imagination."

But it also said that "whether it was right that the Olympics happened at all will always be a matter for debate." The BBC also said the circumstances surrounding the Tokyo Olympics may make it harder to attract bidders to host the Games in the future.

Reuters reported that "with strict pandemic countermeasures and as COVID-19 variants have surged back around the world, the Olympics fell short of the triumph and financial windfall Japan had wanted."

India’s Neeraj Chopra Wins Gold Medal

Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal, flinging the javelin a staggering 87.58m to top the charts in Tokyo. With this gold, India win seven medals in total with 2 silver and 4 bronze.

The gold, a historic first for the country in track and field, the second for an individual ever and the first since Abhinav Bindra’s in 2008, would also ensure India’s richest-ever tally (seven). India finishes 48th, best in four decades; 33rd in terms of overall medals won

The Olympic medal is expected to see an army of young boys with dreams reaching out for the javelin. The Asian and Commonwealth golds in 2018, was a turning point in Neeraj’s life in terms of fame and recognition.

However, no country has dominated the Olympics quite like the United States. Although China secured the largest gold medal with 38 golds, 31 silver and 18 bronze with 87 medals, the United States lead the game securing 108 medals with 36 gold, 39 silver and 33 Bronze.

Japan secured third highest gold medal with 27 gold,12 silver and 17 bronze. Great Britain secured fifth position securing 20 gold medal, 22 silver and 21 bronze followed by Russian Federation with 20 gold,26 silver and 23. Australia secured 17 gold 7 silver and 22 bronze and Germany secured 10 gold,11 silver and 16 Bronze.

The Summer Games in particular are where the U.S. has found success. Team USA has 1,022 gold medals in the history of the Summer Games and 2,523 total medals.

Indian women had already created history and surpassed all expectations by entering the semifinals of the Games for the first time.

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