Birgunj May Face Power Cut In Winter In Case of Obstruction In Transmission Line Upgrading Work, Warns MD Ghising

If obstruction persists in the upgrade of the 132 kV transmission line in Lalbandi, there may be power cuts in the Birgunj area during winter, warns MD Ghising.

Oct. 16, 2023, 8:05 p.m.

The residents of Lalbandi in Sarlahi have impeded the replacement of the 132 kV double circuit transmission line.

The work to replace the conductor of the transmission line has been impeded by the demands of the locals who are insisting on receiving compensation for the land along the right of way where the transmission line was built approximately 41 years ago. The locals' obstruction has caused work to be halted since October 19.

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The Nepal Electricity Authority plans to enhance the transmission system by replacing the outdated low-capacity wire with a new one in the 136 km stretch from Hetaunda in Makwanpur to Dhalkebar substation in Dhanusha. This project aims to increase power flow by boosting the capacity of the East-West 132 KV double circuit transmission line. Technical abbreviations will be explained on first use, and language will be objective, concise, and grammatically correct. The text will also adhere to conventional academic structure, clear formatting, conventional language use, and precision in word choice.

The proposed plan would enhance the local electricity supply, as it would allow for a more streamlined flow of electricity from the western region towards the east. Additionally, it would facilitate the transmission of excess electricity consumed domestically to India through the Dhalkebar substation. As a result, this plan would lead to a more efficient distribution of electricity throughout the area and provide an opportunity for exporting surplus energy.

Approximately 36 km of wire from one circuit has been replaced on the 40 km route between Dhalkebar substation and Nawalpur substation situated in Lalbandi municipality-1 in Sarlahi. Nevertheless, the replacement of around 4 km of wire has ceased due to hindrance from locals in the Lalbandi market area. In the process of the wire replacement, the predecessors connected to the tower had been severed and attached temporarily.

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When a circuit is closed, it causes transmission problems for electricity from Dhalkebar to the west and Hetaunda to the east, having an impact on the electricity transmission system throughout the country.

Kulman Ghising, the managing director of the Nepal Electricity Authority, reported that with one circuit closed for conductor replacement, there have been complications, including tripping when exceeding the line capacity.

"There are numerous obstacles hindering the construction of new transmission lines. Even replacing wires in current lines built 40-41 years ago presents its own challenges, with demands for compensation causing further delays," stated MD Ghising.

"We are presently unable to overcome these obstacles. Should we fail to act promptly and increase electricity transmission from Dhalkebar to the west, we may have to enforce load shedding in Birgunj and other areas during winter." I request that you refrain from obstructing our sensitive project," stated Rajendra Koirala, the project leader.

Despite numerous discussions with the Sarlahi Chief District Officer, the Lalbandi Municipality Chief, the Police Chief, the concerned Ward President, and local residents, no conclusive agreement has been reached. Chief Koirala stated that the locals have cautioned against encroaching on their land until the construction is finished. He added that efforts are underway to address this issue through coordination with local authorities.

A 9×9 meter right-of-way has been designated from the center of the 132 kV transmission line. The locals have raised concerns about banks and financial institutions not accepting mortgages for plots measuring up to 50 meters, which falls short of the established standards.

The wire replacement project has been divided into sections. Section one, from Hetaunda to Pathailia, has been completed. Section two, replacing wire from Dhalkebar to Nawalpur, is currently ongoing.

Section three will consist of wiring from Nawalpur to Chapur in Rautahat, and section four will be from Chapur to Pathailia. Once one circuit's work is finished, the line will be activated and the wiring of the other circuit will commence. The contract agreement for the 132 kV transmission line's conductor upgrade was implemented in 2079. The objective of the project is to conclude by Paush 2081.

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