UK’s Minister of State To Visit Nepal

UK’s Minister of State To Visit Nepal

Aug. 27, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 09 No. -4 August. 07- 2015 (Shrawan 22, 2072)

The UK Minister for International Development, Desmond Swayne TD MP, is scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu on 27th August, for a two-day visit. This is his second visit to Nepal; he previously visited in February 2015.

 As part this visit Minister Swayne will examine some of DFID’s work in the area of disaster preparedness, including the Humanitarian Goods depot a at the airport and the site of emergency supplies which were placed in various locations throughout the Kathmandu Valley for use in case of an earthquake or other humanitarian crisis.

The Minister will meet with Senior Government of Nepal Officials to discuss issues related to the post-earthquake reconstruction and how DFID programmes can continue to support the Government and development of Nepal. The Minister will also visit an earthquake affected area and meet with the community, people from NGO’s and UN partners who have been working closely with DFID Nepal to deliver vital humanitarian assistance.

 The UK aid support to Humanitarian Assistance stands at £70m,  this  has been used to save lives and reduce suffering caused by the recent earthquakes by giving a range of  assistance such as shelter, health, sanitary products, blankets)to those most affected. DFID has: i) provided direct assistance through technical expertise, good in-kind and cash, and ii) supporting the wider humanitarian response through common logistics, cluster coordination and needs assessments.

 Immediate response

Within a day the UK deployed a team of 60 search and rescue workers to Nepal who were able to help recovery efforts. The UK health humanitarian response also quickly provided 4 surgeons, 29 other medical specialists and 1 logistician to provide life-saving services on the ground. Within the first couple of days, the UK supported 10 operating theatres and 400 beds which were put back into hospitals in Kathmandu.

 Pre Preparedness

UK preparedness support, through the pre-positioning of shelter items, other essential non-food items, meant that supplies could be given out to those who needed them within hours of the earthquake. We supported the Red Cross to train first aid volunteers in search and rescue and these people saved the lives of many in their communities. .The Humanitarian Good Depot enabled Kathmandu airport to provide an immediate, effective response.

 Humanitarian Assistance

 According to a press release of British Embassy, direct impact  of the UK aid will deliver:200,000 people benefit from lifesaving shelter support, 80,000 people receive cash transfers, 35,000 people benefit from improved water hygiene and sanitation facilities, 30,000 people receive non-food items such as blankets and cooking kits, 15,000 women and girls benefit from protection and gender initiatives, 5,600,000 people living in earthquake affected districts will benefit from the restoration of healthcare services in their area, 5,000 people and their care givers will receive rehabilitation and physiotherapy services as many have been injured in the earthquake and  60,000 people will receive essential health services such as immunization and care for pregnant women and those giving birth.

Enabling the humanitarian environment

As well as direct relief, the UK has provided essential logistical support, including fundig helicopters for airlift, loading equipment for Kathmandu’s main airport and technical expertise to assess needs and coordinate and target the international response. As an example of this, with UK funds, over 900 metric tonnes of cargo have been delivered by over 3,000 flights to the worst affected districts in Nepal.

 UK aid support will continue through the monsoon and the winter to help prepare against floods or severe weather in the mountains where people have lost shelter due to the earthquake.

 Desmond Swayne TD MP was first appointed as Minister of State for International Development on 15 July 2014. Minister wayne was again appointed as the Minister after winning the May 2015 UK General Elections.

The Minister of State was previously a Government Whip and Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury and is the former Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister. He is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of New Forest West, in Hampshire.

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