Following the airing of its 13th episode,the Singh Durbar TV Series has concluded

Feb. 20, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol:09,No 15, February 19, 2016 (Falgun 7,2072)

At a time when several top public positions are headed by women, the first season of TV series Singh Durbar featuring Gauri Malla as the prime minister of the country has left a good impact.

Produced by Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Nepal and funded by USAID,the first season of TV series, Singh Durbar, featuring veteran actor, GauriMalla, as the Prime Minister of the country concluded on 7th February, 2016.

The 13 episodes of political TV drama of Nepal first aired on 15th November 2015 on Nepal Television. The TV series from its initial broadcast has garnered good viewers both at home and abroad.

The political drama that features a female Prime Minister's quest to establish good governance, accountability, and transparency has been successful in triggering a national dialogue on the need for positive role models in politics.

According to a press release issued byAyush Joshi, Communications Coordinator for Search for Common Ground Nepal, over the past 13 weeks, more than 100+ screeningsof the TV series have been organized around the country for the general public, civil society organizations, journalists, youth, political leaders, women groups, and other influential stakeholders.  The screenings have been successful to reach out to more than 7500 + individuals. Many leaders were involved in the facilitated dialogue and screening sessions of Singha Durbar to discuss about the role of leaders in fostering trust and collaboration in the society.

 "The TV series presents to us leadership that is people focused, honest, reliable and decisive. This is the kind of leadership that we want in the country," shared a viewer on the TV series social media page.

The episodesare divided in several themes.Thefinale episode of Singha Durbar reveals the importance of elections. The Prime Minister completes her tenure at office, and declares elections. The season's finale highlights the fictional Prime Minister's struggle to keep vested interests at bay, and her determination to take decisions keeping the best interest of the people in mind. Inclusive characters, researched story-line, well-crafted dialogues, and prolific direction of the TV series have been appreciated by film critics, and the viewers. The TV series has been considered a positive catalyst in the society – the positive representation of the LGBTI community, the strong portrayal of Madhesi characters, and the non-judgmental approach towards women leaders in the TV series has not only challenged stereotypes, but also heralded a discussion around inclusiveness.

 “The TV series has been recognized by the public and leaders as a role model TV show that not only portrays politics from an empathetic angle, but also echoes the importance for collaboration between leaders and the public to strengthen democracy," said producer Yubakar Raj Rajkarnikar.

GauriMalla, who plays Prime Minister Asha in Singha Durbar, expressed her happiness of being a part of "a TV series that has not only captivated the nation with its fine story-telling, but also imparted hope."

“A constructive review of the TV series through analysis of feedback from the viewers, and screening surveys from the field pedestals the fact that, 'message oriented TV series, if crafted in reality can indeed touch the hearts and lives of people.' Singha Durbar TV series not only narrates a story of politics that the people want to see, but can also be taken as a guidebook for leaders to invest in the best interest of the people,” said a press release issued by Search for Common Ground.

The TV series directed by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, features GauriMalla, Ramesh RanjanJha, Anil Pandey, Praveen Khatiwada, Bhintuna Joshi, AlokThapa, and Mithila Sharma. 

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