Chinese ambassador Yu Hong Visited China Study Center

Chinese ambassador Yu Hong Visited China Study Center

March 1, 2017, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.10, No 13, February 24, 2017 (Falgun 11, 2073)

Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong paid a visit to China Study Center. Madam Yu Yong was received by its Acting Chairman Sundar Nath Bhattarai who abreast her with the activities of the Center from its very inception and informed how the center was instrumental in organizing visits of Chinese delegations to Nepal, and vice-versa, and bringing them together in constructive dialogues with their counterparts, politicians and high government officials contributing to be promotion of bilateral relations between Nepal and China. 

Besides hosting seminars, workshops and interactions, the center also publishes various magazines and journals, periodically . The center has been playing its important role in disseminating information and fostering understanding between two people.

Acting chairman Bhattarai also briefed Chinese ambassador that the Center is also looking forward, as he said, to organize a regional seminar on "One Belt One Road" initiative in April in Kathmandu, prior to the Beijing International Conference on OBOR scheduled for May this year.

A China Book Center recently established in the premises of the China Study Center in cooperation with China International Information Group (CIPG) under State Council Information Office is expected to cater to the quest of Nepalese intellectuals on the authentic information on China.

 Ambassador Yu thanked the Acting Chairman Bhattarai and officials of China Study Center for kindly receiving her at the Center and expressed her heartfelt pleasure to visit the Center which is celebrated Think-Tank   also well-known in China. She expressed appreciation of the contributions made by China Study Center for making valuable efforts and promoting friendly relation between two countries.

“More efforts are needed to be done for further ameliorating the existing relations and China Study Center is expected to make constant efforts in carrying out the task to a more research oriented domains,” Chinese ambassador said.

She hoped that Nepal can benefit from OBOR initiatives which have five main important aspects besides physical infrastructural connectivity.

The meeting was attended by senior economists, former Ambassadors, business enterprisers, cultural and academic scholars and researchers, seniors members, advisors and friends of China Study Center 

The Center is a celebrated Think-Tank of Nepal on Nepal-China relations. Its main objective is to contribute to the amelioration of Nepal-China relation and promotion of Cooperation in conceivable areas of mutual interest through disseminations of knowledge-based information to each other at the people's level.

Established in 1999 A.D. with about 12 prominent persons of various occupations as its volunteer members, it now boasts of more than 50 such scholars as its members and advisors comprising of academicians, former Ambassadors, engineers, medical doctors, former parliamentarians etc. It also has local chapters working as China Study Center in 12 different parts of the country in addition which 5 more are in the offing which is set to be established in near future.


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