PM PRACHANDA Honeymoon Day

The whole government of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has not yet been established despite the country turning one hundred.

April 9, 2023, 12:07 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 16, No. 16, April.07, 2023 (Chaitra 24. 2079) Publisher and Editor: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

A day after marking his 100th day in office, Prime Minister Prachanda declared that his cabinet would be fully formed in one week. Given the deep divisions among the Nepali Congress, PM Prachanda's wish remains unfulfilled.

All parties, including Nepali Congress, are working hard to sway voters in support of its two candidates in the three upcoming by-elections. In Tanahu-2 and Chtwean-2, the Nepali Congress is a candidate.

PM’s One Hundred Day

PM has already replaced two coalition partners in the past 100 days. He abandoned his coalition with the UML, RPP, and Swatantra and reestablished his previous partnership with the NC and the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led CPN-Unified Socialist.

On the eve of the government's 100th day, Prime Minister Dahal, aka "Prachanda," announced its major accomplishments while other parties focused on their own issues.

On December 26, 2022, Prime Minister Prachanda took office after being appointed to the position the day before. Tomorrow, on April 4, 2023, the government enters the 100-day period dubbed the "honeymoon period."

As the coalition partners changed during this time, PM Prachanda twice needed votes of confidence from the House of Representatives (HoR). On January 10, 2023, when the CPN (UML) was also a part of the administration, he won a vote of confidence and received more than 98% of the votes from the members of the HoR. On March 20, 2023, PM Prachanda had to ask for a vote of confidence once more because the UML had left the cabinet. The PM was successful in getting the vote as the Nepali Congress joined the government.

These political events, among others, make up the background of the difficult journey the government took and have also had an impact on its success.

The major works and achievements of the government in this period have been listed in 37-points in the statement issued by the PM's secretariat.

Works and Achievements

The statement released by the PM's secretariat lists the significant projects and accomplishments of the administration during this time in 37 points.

Work and Accomplishments

The statement claims that a coordinated work plan has been created for governance reform, economic development, infrastructure enhancement, social development, and efficient service delivery. And it has been put into practice, with some hopeful outcomes. The work plan covers matters like limiting income leakage, reducing current costs, fostering entrepreneurship, finding a solution to landlessness concerns, Make in Nepal, the peace process and transitional justice, and mobilizing governmental resources for the benefit of the populace.

The right issues have been identified and put into action in order to quicken the pace of development in the nation and steer the economy through the turbulent times.

The microfinance industry has taken action to address the issues that have arisen, and they will refund its customers for the additional service charges they collected totaling Rs. 1 billion 600 million. A person may only borrow money from one microfinance, and the microfinance cannot levy a service fee greater than 1.5% annually.

Following the Prime Minister's reform initiatives, including a high-level joint meeting with the private sector, microfinance, bankers, and Nepal Rastra Bank, there has been progress in the balance of payments, current account, and remittance inflows.

Special measures have been made to ensure timely and successful implementation of the annual budget, as well as transparency in government spending.

According to the list of works, the establishment of a self-sufficient economy has been prioritized, and essential actions have been taken to effectively mobilize revenue and limit leakage, be economical in government expenditures, and address share market concerns.

Foreign travels by government ministers and officials have been restricted unless absolutely necessary.

Passports, national identity cards, driving licenses, and no objection letters will be delivered quickly. The distribution of national identity cards began in 14 districts and 15 stations, and so far 11.5 million residents have received them, while the number of cards printed has been doubled. Individual incident registration has begun online in 6,665 local wards across the country.


Hello Sarkar has been made more effective.

The names of 8,471 martyrs declared by the Cabinet on various dates have been published in the national gazette, and measures have been taken to minimize public inconveniences during VVIP visits.

According to the statement that outlined the government's actions, initiatives have been done to tackle the problems of loan shark victims.

Field inspection and monitoring of infrastructure projects has been accelerated in order to eliminate difficulties caused by project delays. Contractors who have failed to complete projects on schedule have been blacklisted.

Efforts have been made to promote Nepal's tourism in the international market, as well as infrastructure development for tourism, such as the opening of the Pokhara airport and the laying of the foundation stone for the terminal buildings of the Bharatpur, Biratnagar, and Nepalgunj airports.

Market surveillance has been increased to protect consumers' rights and ensure the smooth supply of goods and services.

The minimum FDI amount ceiling has been revised and reduced to Rs. 20 million in an effort to further entice FDI. For the startups, facilitation measures are in the works.

Through communication between the government and development partners, problems that need to be fixed to improve the business environment have been found.

While efforts are made to make abroad employment dignified and safe through agreements and conversations with the destination countries, arrangements have been created so that those seeking foreign employment can obtain labor permits quickly and conveniently.

Family members of 283 people who died in course of foreign employment have been provided with financial assistance amounting to Rs.19.8 million while scholarship has been provided to the children of those who lost lives during foreign employment. 98 people stranded abroad have been rescued in this period.

Over 100 citizens who were working abroad but had lost jobs or were in prisons for different reasons were rescued and brought home during the period.

To address the farmers' demands, milk price has been increased, and floor price of wheat and sugarcane has been fixed in time.

Arrangement has been made so that school students get textbooks when the classes start or at the time of the beginning of the academic year.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda said that government will take its full shape within two days.

Addressing the Central Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation Department of CPN (Maoist Centre) on Wednesday, PM Prachanda said that the government will take its full shape in the next two days.

No matter what success PM Prachanda boasts, the administration remains unsteady and unsure of its direction. The upcoming by-elections are going to be crucial for it.


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