“The demand of Apollo tire is good in Nepal”

<br><EM>Satish Sharma</EM>

March 5, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-16 Mar. 02-2012 (Falgun 19,2068)<br>

Satish Sharma guides all aspects of Apollo’s largest and most crucial market – India. Prior to this he was Chief of Marketing, where he is credited with Apollo’s steady sales growth year-on-year at a CAGR of 18%+. Known for his innovative marketing initiatives, leadership qualities and for having instituted systems and processes which have enabled Apollo to achieve and build upon its market leadership. Shama recently visited Kathmandu to launch Apollo tires. He spoke with a group of journalist about Apollo Tires in Nepal. Excerpts:

How do you see the prospect of Apollo Tires in Nepal?

I think the broad portfolio which we have is in close synergy to the bane of the Nepalese market. Nepalese markets expand it very naturally between the two countries. Ongoing synergy and more importantly the portfolio we have help to make substantial differences in Nepalese market. It is not that the Apollo is not an unknown brand in Nepalese market so our equity is ahead of us. It is natural things for us to establish the operation to expand market in Nepal. Nepal is also growing up and there are huge demands of tire. There is potential to expand.

What is the position of the Apollo tire in Nepal?

The demand of our tire is good in Nepal. I can say that many companies are now ahead of us. We are just starting seriously now. We would be rights of the top three years from now. Nepal is important country for us. Although we have to compete with many other tires, Apollo will establish itself in Nepal because of our quality product. Our products are superior to any other products. We are largest producers of tires in India and other largest producers of mini truck and number two producers of other tire products. It will not happen without acknowledgement of customers. As other too are doing well and it is going to be tough for us.  Opening a service center in Kathmandu is first step. We want to be a major player in Nepal.

Do you think your company will make differences?

It is not easy and it is not necessary to be first to do things. You may hear the story of tortoise and hare. It is not necessary that it is always have to be first. There are many companies in India which started the production of tire many times back but now we are ahead of many products than some old companies. It is also matter of timing and companies priorities which make differences.  We are hurry to come and do a good job here in Nepalese market.

What is your impression?

I am here to opening the Apollo point and which will be very good and modern format. Apollo is a global company and we export our tire to Europe, South Africa and East Asian countries. We have to do a lot of education and we have a lot of customer contact programs. We are thinking of a lot to do in Nepal. Our presence of a big team in Nepal in the inaugural of Apollo Point exhibits the importance given by us. It is not that people will start to buy our product from tomorrow. As I have told you it will take time to firmly establish in Nepalese market. I am confidence that we can do it. I am sure that one year down the line, we will be stronger. Three years down the line we will be in leading position.


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