No Suntala Badaam


April 3, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-18 Mar. 30 -2012 (Chaitra 17,2068)<br>

As I landed in Delhi last week after a brief stay in Kathmandu, I was welcomed quite ‘warmly’ by the weather. The last week of March usually signals the end of spring in Delhi; soaring temperatures characterizing the months thereafter. Whenever I come back to the city, the first few days become pretty gruesome. Thanks to the much cooler summers of Kathmandu, coming to the Indian capital and adjusting to the rather dry and hot summer has never been easy for me. With the mercury rising each day, my third ‘summer’ in Delhi is going be equally difficult, I can pretty much predict that already. It is at times like these that I realize how fortunate we Nepali people are in terms of the weather! And it is also at times like these that I miss just lazying around at home in the warm sun with suntala and badaam!

The Dirty Picture

With examinations round the corner and pressure in college mounting, I haven’t been able to catch up with the recent political happenings. However, a  front-page news grabbed my attention a few days back:  ‘BJP Minister in another porn scandal’. First Karnataka and now Gujarat! It appears that the party’s ministers have some serious affixation with adult movies; be it a Kannad minister or a Gujarati one, for that matter. Some hormonal imbalance? Or is it the intense training session of the RSS (from where many of the BJP members come) which leaves them so tired that they relax in the parliament watching the triple X tamasha? This may require some serious research.

Whatever the reason, two such cases in a single month have put a nasty stain on the saffron image of the right-wing party. More such cases can put the BJP’s dream of victory in the 2014 central elections  in jeopardy. The Congress, on the other hand, which has been gloomy and on a low profile since their poor performance in the state elections, must be rejoicing!

The traditional Indian politicians are not behind their modern American counterparts could however be a positive side of the story if they like to see that way.  After all, didn’t President Clinton have a colourful stint at the Oval his office courtesy Lewinski? So why not an Indian politician?

Lucky Us

The admission for the new session in Delhi University (DU) has commenced and like the past two years, I have come across a considerable number of Nepali students who have come here to complete the admission procedure. Foreign students are quite lucky when it comes to getting into DU. While our Indian counterparts face tough competition, thanks to the high cut-offs, we get in relatively easily. Even an average student can hope to get admission although he/she might have to settle for something less than the expected. That is, the college of one’s choice may not be guaranteed.  Since the colleges are allotted by the DU administration, your marks simply determine which college you get admitted to. The better the marks, the better the college.

However, due to the lack of adequate information provided by the University, I find many Nepali students perplexed. Well, that’s just a beginning to the muddled system of the DU!

Beating The Heat

With examination fever catching up on us, times are getting tough and full of stress. So one night, along with a few friends I decided to go to a nearby small town Murthal, just to let our hair down. The place is popular for its highway food, much like our Mugling. The 50 kilometre distance did not even take us 20 minutes to reach, thanks to the well-built and maintained highways of India. A cool lassi quenched our thirst in the sweltering heat. However, in no way could it beat the pleasure of having suntala badam in the warm weather! 


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