Paras Khadka shares his experiences

Paras Khadka in 15th edition of Voices

July 10, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -2 June. 20- 2014 (Ashar 6, 2071)

Indian Embassy and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation organized 15th edition of Voices at Nepal Bharat Library, Nepal Airlines Building in New Road.

According to a press release of Indian Embassy, in this edition of Voices, Captain of National Cricket Team of Nepal, Paras Khadka shared about the cricket scene in Nepal and about his journey so far.

“As a child, I never thought that one day I would become a cricketer in Nepal. Yes, I had big dreams, but I never thought I would be representing the National Cricket Team of Nepal as its Captain one day. I am much humbled by all the support and encouragement Nepali people have given to me,” Paras shared and immediately initiated an interaction with his audience.

“What would you have been if not a cricketer today?” one of the audiences questioned. “Most likely, an architect,” Paras answered.

He added, “It gives me immense pleasure to see how ever since we played in the recently held World Cup, the popularity of cricket is growing in Nepal.  Given the resources and limitations, Nepali cricket team is really doing good. We however have to learn so many things before we make ourselves big internationally. Now that we have qualified to play T-20, there are more challenges ahead.”

Paras also highlighted how Nepali cricket team could not have made it to the international pitch without significant guidance from the coach Pubudu Dassanayake.

“I am thankful that the Government of Nepal decided to retain our coach because he is largely responsible for the popularity of Nepali cricket team. It is an irony how the Cricket Association of Nepal hasn’t been able to recognize a contribution. Sadly, the association lacks proper managerial skills and as a result the whole team is suffering,” he said.

Paras further elaborated that the support from the government or blaming to the government alone cannot uplift the cricket scenario in Nepal.

He enunciated, “We need more exposure. Cricket should be promoted across all districts in Nepal. There should be more local competitions, more of under-17, under-19 tournaments. The cricketers should be given more international exposure by sending them to places like India and Australia for training. Neither are we lacking far behind from the internationally recognized cricket teams nor are we anywhere less competent. It’s just that we do not have enough exposure and the medium to prove ourselves. It’s a sad reality that the Kirtipur cricket ground we all grew up practicing cricket looks like a paddy field now. Such is the plight here.”

To conclude Paras said, “Dream big, focus, stay grounded, you will make it big for sure. I am a common man too who chased my dream. Begin from you, look within; we can certainly make a difference”




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