NEPAL POLICE Well, My Friend

With an aim to make police friendly to people, Nepal Police has launched the MeroSathi Program

Aug. 1, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 10, No.1,July 29,2016,(Shrawn,14,2073)

After almost over two decades of experiences with the community policing, Nepal Police has launched a new program accommodating the entire community police program under a single window.

Although the police are one of the important parts of the society guaranteeing peace and restoring order by protecting the people from crimes, the society is yet to take a positive approach towards police and policing.

With a long experience of working at the community level, Nepal Police has launched PrahariMeroSathi (Police My Friend) amid a function. The aim of the program is to improve the image of Nepal Police by strengthening their relations with the people.

Although Nepal Police started community based work during the tenure of IGP KhadgaJeetBaral, who joined hands with the community seeking their support to construct the new modern police station, another late IGP DB Lama created another milestone with separate community police.

Despite the change in perception and ways of police, Nepal Police has waited for quite a long time to bring the entire community related police unit together.  Under Police My friend, all the programs related to community police are now come under this.

Amid a function, outgoing Minister of Home Affairs Shakti BahadurBasnet launched the program, PrahariMeroSathi (Police My Friend), in Kathmandu. Nepal Police all over the country followed it organizing rallies and other activities. Although Nepal Police has recently made many successful operations nabbing the criminals and working side by side with the people during the disasters, the image of police is yet to change. A large number of people still see Nepal Police as an institution of order.

Along with improving the image of Nepal Police, the program also aims at strengthening the relations with the people by showing that the police is the friend who can stand with the community for their safety.

Good policing requires the information and Nepal Police can get credible information only through the community. For this, they need to work with the community and assure people of their role.

Unveiling the logo of the program, outgoing home minister Basnet said that this is a good beginning to make Nepal Police as a friend of Nepalese people.

The day earlier when the program was launched two police personnel had rescued 13 people in Ri of Dhading district from landslides. Police Head constable RudraBahadurKumal and Constable SandipKumal took 13 people to safe places last week when they had gotten stranded.

Risking their own lives, they rescued the people. They are not the first to do so. Many other police officials have sacrificed their lives while saving the people.

Chie of Nepal Police IGP Upendra Kant Aryal admitted that Nepal Police is unable to fulfill aspirations of the people. After launching of this program, all community related programs launched by Nepal Police will come under this.

“The Police will now take one order. The order will be from people,” said IGP Aryal. “Police is willing to work with the community to maintain order and provide security to the people.”

Although Nepal Police has started community police program since a long time back with an aim to expand the police network in the community, it is yet to receive the much needed applause from the people. The new program may be likely to bring the new change.


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