Greenlight Planet Joins Partnership With Him Electronics

Greenlight Planet Joins Partnership With Him Electronics

Sept. 5, 2017, 8:25 p.m.

Greenlight Planet, one of the world’s leading solar product company, announced its partnership with Him electronics, the leading end-to-end consumer durables company in Nepal.

 Greenlight Planet’s experience selling solar systems for off-grid markets and innovative partnership models in 50+ countries, combined with Him Electronics’ trusted name, distribution channel, and service center, will accelerate the pace of delivering solar solutions to Nepal’s 16.5 million off-grid population. Both companies are united by their common mission of delivering high quality, affordable products to consumers.

 According to a press release, the partnership saw a successful pilot with over 6500 product sold in the Central, Eastern and Western regions of Nepal. Rural populations comprising of farmers, mom & pop stores, mobiles shops, poultry, vegetable and fruit vendors, with an income level of $4-5 a day, have a significant need for reliable, affordable solar products for their daily energy requirements.

 Currently, they experience frequent power cuts and blackouts due to rains or landslides. As a result, families spend 20% of their income on buying kerosene, which is both expensive and dangerous. Others buy cheap, generic products that often do not come with a warranty and break down within a few weeks of purchase. Moreover, they also walk 5–10 ms just to charge their mobile phones and pay NPR 10-20 per charge, further increasing their financial burden.


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