Outgoing NEA MD Kul Man Ghising has shown nothing is impossible with commitment and dedication in work

Sept. 20, 2020, 3:57 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 14 No. 04, September 18, 2020 ( Ashwin 2, 2077) Publisher: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

A commitment and dedication of an individual in the leadership can make a difference in the country. This is what Kulman Ghising has shown while he was working as NEA’s managing director.

Ghising was appointed the managing director four years ago when the country was facing severe load shedding up to 18 hours, allowing the battery and inverter industries all over the country to thrive.

On 15 September 2020, when his four-years tenure was completed, he was addressing a farewell program -- the story of 18-hour-outages was a history and NEA had transformed from a money loser entity to highly profitable public entity.

For Ghising, a man born in a remote rural part of Ramechhap, transforming Nepal from darkness to a country with light was important. With no connection with the urban elite, MD Ghising, despite bringing such a major change, was always projected as a bad guy by an elite section. However, his popularity among the common people is very high.

Nepal Electricity Authority’s employees hosted a grand farewell to say goodbye to outgoing Managing Director Kul Man Ghising.

Appointed four years ago by the government to lead NEA, the outgoing MD made a history in transforming Nepal’s power sector and ending two decades of prolonged load shedding with a number of reform programs to strengthen NEA.

During his tenure, MD Ghising transformed NEA from a loss making public utility to highly profit making institution with the profit of over 12 billion rupees this year.

Appointed on 14 September 2016, MD Ghising had several challenges before him. Devastated by earthquake, 456 MW Upper Tamakosi, which is now at the final stage of completion, was in a dire situation. Similarly, 60 MW Trishuli 3 A and 14 MW Kulekhani were in trouble.

Likewise, 36MW Chameliya was in a limbo. Half a dozen of transmission line projects were in trouble.

Wors, 14 hours of chronic load shedding seemed to have no end. Outgoing MD Ghising will be remembered for years for having done what he di. For all this, he also made enemies. However, Ghising will be in the minds of the common people. This is the asset he secured in completing his four years.

“I am proud as MD of NEA and I would be grateful to all who supported me during my tenure,” said outgoing MD Ghising, who spent all his time to look at the institution.

Appointed on the basis of work performance, MD Ghising fulfilled over 85 percent in his four years’ tenure. “Making Nepal load shedding free was not possible without full support and backing from political leaders, Minister for Energy, Secretary and all staffs of Nepal Electricity Authority. It was the joint work of us all,” said outgoing MD Ghising in his humble tone.

“I am proud with the employees and technical staffs of NEA who have supported me all the time not saying day and night,” said Ghising, who was a retired employee of NEA.

Kul Man Ghising completed his tenure showing that a person in the leadership can make a lot of difference to the organization. As he has gone, people have started to worry whether load shedding will return again.

Ghising, who grew up in remote Ramecchap, in the Tamang community, has created a lot of jealous persons from high class who monopolized power, including Prime Minister and Minister, for his work and performance. However, his popularity is much higher among common folks.

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