Rain And Snowfall Affected Life In Western Nepal

Rain And Snowfall Affected Life In Western Nepal

Feb. 2, 2024, 8:39 a.m.

Four of the seven provinces across the country including Kathmandu Valley received the first rainfall of this winter season since Wednesday evening. Some high mountainous areas of Karnali and Koshi received snowfall.

After the light rainfall, residents in Kathmandu were seen making fires on the roadside to keep themselves warm.

With the onset of rainfall, farmers are delighted as they have been eagerly waiting for winter rain to nourish their land for winter crops. However, on the flip side, earthquake victims in and around Jajarkot are enduring hardship due to the cold and rain, with some of them residing under the open sky.

According to Ganga Nagarkoti, a senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), despite the western part of the country receiving light to moderate rainfall along with snow in the mountainous areas, the western disturbance failed to bring good moisture to the central and eastern parts.

The present weather condition will improve across the country from Friday morning, she added.

According to DHM, there has been light to moderate precipitation in numerous locations in Sudurpashchim Province, several parts in Karnali Province, and one or two spots in Lumbini Province. Additionally, isolated showers have been noted in certain areas of the central and eastern Tarai regions of the country.

In the Kathmandu Valley, a few areas are expected to experience very light rainfall, while clouds and haze have covered the sky throughout the day. However, this situation is expected to improve starting from Friday, she added.

Meanwhile, Sher Bahadur Sarki, a correspondent from Bajura, reported that districts including Bajhang, Jumla, and Bajura experienced the first rainfall of the season, accompanied by snowfall in the mountainous regions.

Areas such as Budhinanda, Himali, Jagannath, Swakikartik, and others are currently experiencing rainfall along with snowfall. Additionally, Badimalika, Triveni, and Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipalities have been receiving snowfall since Thursday.

With the rising cold, the number of people suffering from pneumonia, colds, and coughs has increased, particularly affecting children and senior citizens.

Farmers are relieved and happy about the recent snowfall in their district. The rain and snow came just in time to save their winter wheat and barley crops from drying up, they said.

Kabita Sarki from Triveni Municipality-8 said that this timely precipitation made farming much easier. In Bajura, most areas rely on rainwater for cultivation, and snowfall helps control pests like grasshoppers.

Similarly, Sailendra Rokaya, a correspondent from Bajhang, reported that high Himalayan areas like Saipal, Surma and Dahabagar, have received snowfall, while lower regions experienced normal rainfall.

This precipitation has brought relief to farmers who rely on rain for their non-irrigated crops. Khadak Kathayat, a local, mentioned that crops were on the brink of failure due to prolonged drought but this rainfall with snowfall brought relief to farmers in the region.

Similarly, Netra Shahi, correspondent from Jumla reported that Jumla experienced snowfall, notably in the high Himalayan area, relieving farmers who were waiting for rainfall and snowfall for their winter crops.

Locals like Nabaraj Neupane observed around half a foot of snow in Jumla headquarters.

Bir Bahadur Shahi from Hima Rural Municipality said that despite January

historically being the coldest month, snowfall now occurs sporadically in December, January and February.

Reporter Rajan Raut from Humla reported the first snowfall south of the district headquarters, Simikot. Settlements such as Limi, Nyalo, Hilsa, Yari, and Chala under Namkha Rural Municipality in the northern part also experienced snowfall. The Armed Police Force deployed in the area reported snow accumulation of up to about two and a half feet.

On Thursday the temperature in Kathmandu was recorded at 5.3 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature was recorded at minus 0.5 degrees Celsius.

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