Politicians, scholars and common citizens remembered Prithvi Narayan Shaha the great for his contribution to uniting Nepal

Jan. 14, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 06 No. -14 Jan 11- 2012

There have been many ups and downs in the history of Nepal in the last decade. From a monarchical unitary kingdom, Nepal has now become a republican nation. However, what has not changed is the geographical reality as often referred to by late King Prithivi Narayan Shah and reconciliation propounded by B.P. Koirala.   

Although the Maoist leaders have made every effort to unmake Shah's statement and interpret Nepal's position differently, what Prithivi Narayan Shah the great said is still a reality. Situated between Asia's two great powers, India and China, Nepal, as a yam between two boulders, that Shah aptly phrased, is an unrivalled statement.   

At a time when the voices of secessionists is growing, people from various walks of life have been gradually coming openly to remember Prithivi Narayan Shah the great and his contribution for uniting Nepal. Managing Director of Explore Nepal (P) td. Bharat Basnet can be seen wearing daura suruwal, with a locket of Prithivi Narayan Shah at his coat.

From children to young people, politicians to social workers and business entrepreneurs, a number of people paid homage to Shah the great for his contribution for launching unification process. Like in the past tourism entrepreneur and social worker  Basnet was in the lead. Basnet's Explore Nepal has been championing the ideal of Shah for a long time distributing his pictures and Dibyaupdesh.

Whether there is a monarchical system or republican Nepal, Basnet continues on his march.  Even at the hype of secession and republicanism, Basnet continue marched pleading people that Great King Shah should be eulogized for his great contribution.

In an interaction program organized recently by Explore Nepal in Bhojan Griha, politicians, academicians and scholars highlighted the need to uphold the contribution made by Prithvi Narayan Shah. CPN-UML leader Jhalnath Khanal, CPN-ML leader C.P. Mainali and Nepali Congress leader Ananda Dhungana, as well as Mod Nath Prashit, praised Shah.

Chaired by Basnet, the Interaction program reminded Shah's importance in Nepal's present context. This is a month when Nepal's two great visionary leaders were remembered for their noble contribution. Nepali Congress celebrated National Reconciliation Day, albeit distorting B.P's real life, in an organized way. However, the maker of modern Nepal Prithvi Narayan Shah too has had diehard followers.

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